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Wacaco - Exagrind

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  • The Wacaco Exagrind is a great fit for all coffee lovers looking for a compact and robust manual grinder that doesn't compromise precision and grind quality.

    Its height is only 14.3 cm (5.6 in) and allows you to grind 20 grams of coffee, therefore more than enough to prepare a pour-over or a double espresso.

    Effortless and consistent, the Exagrind features a unique precision-cut 38mm stainless-steel burrs design for a smooth motion and a premium grind quality. The micro clicks adjustment (60 clicks range and 33-micron adjustment per click) enables you to easily find the right grind size for all brewing methods, including espresso, pour-over, cold-brew...

    Its aluminum unibody frame and internal structure are machine-milled with a very low tolerance for a perfect burrs alignment and minimal clearance. As a result, the grind has an impressive uniformity for a well-balanced coffee flavor. Mounted on a stainless-steel center shaft with dual bearings the handle rotation produces minimum friction for a smooth and easy grinding experience even at the finest espresso setting. The grinder body is covered with a silicone sleeve for a better and more comfortable grip.

    As a final touch, for those willing to take the grinder on the go, the space-saving handle carrying position drastically reduces the whole product's size which makes it easy to pack and store. If you are looking for a durable, high-quality, and budget-friendly manual grinder, the Wacaco Exagrind is the perfect choice to complement any coffee setup.

  • Exagrind grinder, carrying pouch, brush, and multi-languages instruction book.

      • Premium grinding quality
      • Machine-milled with high precision
      • Aluminum unibody frame
      • 38mm stainless-steel burrs
      • 60 clicks adjustment
      • 33-micron burrs spacing adjustment per click
      • Stainless-steel center shaft with dual bearings
      • Space-saving handle placement for carrying
      • Compatible with the Picopresso and all other Wacaco coffee machines


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