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The GUTsy Captain - Original Kombucha ZERO - Bottle

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  • GUTsy Captain Kombucha is a delicious drink, a living food fermented with live bacteria and rich in antioxidants and enzymes that are good for your gut.

    The simple and delicious taste of naturally fermented green tea.The GUTsy Captain Kombucha ZERO is a delicious and 100% authentic Kombucha, full of live cultures but with ZERO SUGAR and ZERO CALORIES.

    Organic, vegan, low calories, gluten free, living food, never from concentrate, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives.

  • Organic kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar*, organic green tea 0.4%, organic stevia leaves, kombucha cultures), natural bergamot flavour 0.19%, "Bacillus coagulans".* All sugar is eliminated during fermentation.

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