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Sips - Sparkling Cucumber & Mint with Native Australian Strawberry Gum

  • Overview
  • Ingredients
  • Cucumber & Mint
    Naturally flavoured sparkling water with Native Australian ingredients.

    Strawberry gum (also known as Eucalyptus Olida) is a medium size tree, which grows in the northern tablelands of New South Wales and Victoria. Strawberry gum is the original chewing gum! Indigenous Australians passing through the Northern Tablelands would often chew on the leaves of the Strawberry Gum for their sweet berry flavour. They would also moisten the leaves and lay them over a fire to release their fragrant oils, which would help to calm stomach problems.

    • Zero Calories
    • Zero Sugar
    • Zero Sweetener
    • Made in Melbourne

  • Carbonated Water, Natural Flavours, Citric Acid, Native Australian Strawberry Gum

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