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MHW3BOMBER - Yu Series - Gambo Sealed Canister 250g

  • Easily Observe Storage Environment. Relative humidity in the range of 40%-60% is ideal for storing coffee beans.

  • The one-way exhaust valve structure allows gas to exit the canister without re-entering, as illustrated by the diagram. After roasting, coffee beans continuously release carbon dioxide. During extraction, carbon dioxide can hinder the efficiency of water absorption by coffee powder, resulting in incomplete flavor extraction. The Gambo Sealed Canister comes with a built-in one-way exhaust valve. Through the pressure difference between the inside and outside, the exhaust valve automatically releases carbon dioxide from the container while preventing external gas from entering, thereby achieving the effect of bean preservation and flavor retention.

  • Stainless steel measuring spoon with magnetic design for easy storage. Each scoop holds approximately 8g of coffee beans.

  • When filling the canister, adjust the date recording discs according to personal preference to record the filling date or roasting date, making it easy to understand the freshness of the coffee beans at any time

  • Effectively reduces environmental impact.The ABS shell is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and highly resilient. The SUS304 inner tank is corrosion-resistant, withstands high temperatures, and is easy to clean.

  • The canister comes with a  metal bulletin board on its body and comes with exclusive labels. These 5 exclusive labels are provided for recording information about the coffee beans inside the canister

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