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MHW3BOMBER - Yu Series - Cyclone Needle Distribution Tool 58.35mm

The distributor features 14 stirring needles, each with a diameter of 0.25mm, distributed at various positions. These flat, blunt needles are designed to prevent hand injuries. When rotated, they evenly disperse ground coffee along 14 tracks, each spaced 1.58mm apart. The maximum stirring area has a diameter of approximately 55mm.

The needles can be pushed and rotated for quick and effortless grinds distribution, saving both time and effort.

For convenience, the stirring needles can be hidden in the base when not in use, eliminating the need for separate storage. It can be placed in a corner of the bar counter for easy access when needed.

The distributor is adjustable according to the size of the basket, ensuring accurate positioning and precise adsorption.

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