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MHW3BOMBER - Racing M1 Manual Coffee Grinder (38mm burr)

  • 6 CORE CNC420 Stainless Steel Burr: The edge of a knife is sharp due to the 6 core stainless steel burr's stronger hardness and cutting power, it can decrease fine powder content while maintaining delicious coffee flavor.

  • Back to the "0" Design: The gauge on a conventional manual grinder cannot reset to 0. Race M1 overcome the technical obstacles and find a solution.

  • Point-Based Adjustment: Using the 24 numbers of coarseness adjustment you can exactly adjust the coarseness to suit a variety of needs, including those for espresso, moka, drip coffee, and french press.

  • Easily Disassembled & Deep Cleaning: If the grinder is not routinely cleaned while in use, the leftover old powder will contaminate the freshly ground coffee powder, destroying flavor. Traditional manual grinders frequently have a two-section structure, which makes it challenging to fully clean. Racing M1 uses a three-stage detachable structure to address this issue and make cleaning quick and easy.

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