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MHW3BOMBER - Flash Tamper 58.35mm - 4-Base Set

  • Tamper with three springs: The MHW-3BOMBER espresso tamper uses an original three-spring design, which not only maintains a constant pressure of 30lbs, but also provides sound feedback. PS: There is a replacement 20lbs spring in the box.

  • Four different stainless steel base replacements: threaded, flat bottom, curved, waffle lattice.

  • Special sound feedback: There's a solid "click" when you hit 30lbs. So you will not have the puzzle of using other calibrated coffee tamper: "Do I exert 30lbs of pressure? And when should I stop tamping powder?"

  • Fit for 58mm portafilter: The espresso tamper base diameter is 58.35mm, which can make the tamper and portafilter basket fit better, effectively reduce the residual powder on the edge of the basket. Suitable for most 58mm coffee machine portafilters on the market, such as Breville, DeLonghi, Gaggia, La Marzocco, Saeco, Ascaso, etc.

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