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MHW3BOMBER - Electric Milk Frother - Black

USB Rechargeable Design:MHW-3BOMBER electric whisk is designed with USB charging, which is lighter and more ecologically friendly than other battery types, you can charge our electric whisk anywhere, at any time, without having to swap out batteries. When completely charged, the integrated battery's 1200mAh capacity allows for multiple uses throughout the day.

3-Speed Adjustment: The rechargeable milk frother has three settings low, medium, and full. This gives you complete control over the foaming effect of the milk. Thirty seconds is all it takes to make rich froth and enjoy the silky drink! You can use our high-efficiency stick coffee blender frother with any kind of milk, egg, or sauces. Low Noise give you a comfortable environment:: low speed 10db, middle speed 15db, high speed 20db.

2 Replaceable Whisks: There are 2 interchangeable multifunctional whisk heads to choose from, the elastic frother creates the perfect milk froth and the balloon-shaped frother is used for whisking eggs and fluffy whipped cream. Easy to switch between, suitable for a variety of kitchen scenarios.

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