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MHW3BOMBER - DEX Precision Basket 58mm

PRECISE LET COFFEE TASTES BETTER: The influence of the filter basket on espresso extraction is the number of holes in the bottom and the size of the holes. These holes are called Total Open Area/TOA. The DEX precision filter basket has 872 high precision filter holes which helps to increase the extraction rate and brings more crema.

STRAIGHT-FLAT BOTTOM DESIGN: Help to evenly distribute constant tamping. When selecting, please check that your portafilter depth is suitable for this 58mm basket. The Oster machine is not suitable for this powder basket.

STEPPED HOLES & RECTANGULAR ARRANGEMENT: Help water to evenly flow, improve EXT.

MADE OF AISI304: Integral mold, solid and durable. The bottom logo is printed by laser and does not have any adverse effect on extraction.

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