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MHW3BOMBER - BEP Butterfly Basket 58mm

【Precision Makes Coffee Delicious】The effect of filter basket on espresso extraction is based on the number of holes and the size of the holes. The BEP Precision Filter Basket has a 0.16MM diameter hole to help increase the extraction rate.

【Double Filter】The outer layer of filter net supports the inner layer of the inner layer of deformation, while also forming an inner layer of filtration net with a thinner inner inner layer that is beneficial for filtering fine coffee grounds and collecting coffee oils and enhancing the overall purity and sweetness of espresso.

【More Even Extract】The new upgraded "straight flat" design ensures stable brewing and helps to increase the taste of your coffee.

【SUS304 MATERIAL】Made of food grade stainless steel, sturdy and durable. The logo on the bottom is laser printed, so it will not affect the extraction.

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