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MHW-3BOMBER Bar Towel Set (2 Grey + 2 Dark Blue)

Good Decontamination Effect: Made of micro polyester fiber and nylon, not easy to shed hair, low fiber density, can effectively capture dust, quickly and easily remove residual milk and other stains.

Effectively Wipe Away Moisture: Our coffee bar towel is fine and smooth workmanship, ensuring the softness of the fiber, which can more effectively capture moisture and much more absorbent than normal kitchen towels.

Easy to Clean: As long as you gently rub the square barista towel, you can wash away the stains without spending too much effort and time.

Durable: The edges of each towel are carefully sewn, and Overlapping seams to avoid thread loss, and it is more firm and durable. Rigorous technology is our quality guarantee.

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