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CAFEC - Arita Ware Cone-Shaped Flower Dripper


As the pioneer of the cone-shaped paper filter making, Sanyo Sangyo redefined pour over coffee dripper with its Flower Dripper.

The Arita-ware (porcelain) dripper has deep & wide straight ridges incorporated into the inner wall of it which allow the proper expansion of ground coffee when it comes in contact with hot water. Subsequently, water can be circulated smoothly & filtered out from the dripper without causing over-steeping. All these result in a sweet tasting cup without any negative aftertastes. These beautiful dripper also comes clear, heat-resistant plastic versions for extra durability and portability.

Suitable to use with CAFEC Abaca cone-shaped paper filter and Hario V60 paper filter.

Comes complete with measuring spoon.

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