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Aquacode - Coffee Brewing Water - Black 7L Barista

  • Overview
  • Usage
  • Aquacode is a natural product which can effectively manage the quality of brewing water and improve the extraction and taste of coffee. Our product development team includes deep ocean water experts, brewing professionals and coffee connoisseurs. All the ingredients of this product are natural grade minerals and have been used by several national brewer’s cup champions for their competition.

    Water Composition:
    Aquacode accurately grasps the magnesium-calcium ion concentration ratio through patented ion tempering technology.

    Aquacode research team found that a ratio of calcium and magnesium of 1:2.7 creates an ideal balance of acidity and sweetness, critical factors for great tasting specialty coffee, which can greatly improve the extraction of flavor substances in coffee and perfectly enhance the flavor as well. You can also adjust the water using our dilution chart to suite your style of brew.

  • 1. Select the required diluted pure water volume in combination with the dilution chart
    2. Open the aluminum bag and pour the whole bag into the pure water required
    3. Mix properly to get coffee brewing water with the ideal mineral composition.

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