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The GUTsy Captain Company

Free-spirited with ambitious minds, Peter and Matus have soon decided to become the captains of their lives. They believe it is up to them to choose the way they live their lives. And there is one thing that had always been driving their way: they chose to enjoy life to the fullest while keeping a good body and mind balance.
They came across kombucha during a trip to the US and were immediately captivated by it. With the vision to create the best tasting kombucha, they perfected the recipe and set up their brewery in Portugal, where  they found the ideal conditions to produce high-quality and tasty Kombucha.
At the Gusty Captain Company, they only use high quality, natural ingredients and their own culture of live bacteria. That’s how we get to enjoy the authentic, live drinks, with a delicious taste.
Six Eleven is proud to be the authorised distributor of The GUTsy Captain Kombucha. We carry their range of delicious kombucha in cans and bottles formats. 

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