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HiP Chocolate

Inspired by his great-great-great Grandfather, James Cadbury launched HiP in 2021, with the aim of reinventing chocolate by replacing dairy with plant-based creamy oat milk. 


In the 19th century the Cadbury family revolutionised confectionery by making one of the first milk chocolate bars. Nearly 200 years later HiP is looking to disrupt the chocolate market by replacing the use of animal products in chocolate with plant-based milk.


HiP chocolate was born out of a desire to eat good quality, creamy vegan chocolate. At HiP, the best quality single-origin Colombian cacao is used and this is combined with creamy gluten-free oat milk.


Six Eleven is proud to be the authorised distributor of HiP Chocolate. Reach out to us if you would like to stock these delicious oat milk chocolate or to find out more about them. 



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